Restore Server Snapshot DDC

With the feature Restore Server Snapshot the following actions can be taken, depending on which Storage Pool a VM resides.

Restore VM

  • Available for all VMs with storage tiers with snapshots
  • A VM gets completely restored (incl. all disks and the definition of the VM itself)
  • The restoration of an already deleted VM is restricted for Dynamic Data Center! Means: Dynamic Server can be restored only if the service object still exist.

Attach disk

  • Only available with the option Single File Restore.
  • You can attach a single virtual disk from the backup archive as an additional drive to the existent VM.
  • A Timeout will be automatically set to detach the virtual drive from the VM automatically. The timeout is: 8 hrs
  • Whilst a disk is attached to a VM, only a detach is possible (it's e.g. not possible to attach another disk or restore a VM)
  • Depending on the guest-internal setup of the VM, you will need to reboot the VM to make the change visible.

Replace disk

  • Only available with the option Single File Restore.
  • You can choose to replace individual disks from the backup archive to be replaced directly in the guest VM.
  • Before the actual operation takes place - the VM must be powered off. You must confirm that we shut the VM down before replacing the disk.
  • You must boot the VM yourself after executing this operation.

Before you begin restoration please take a note of the following prerequisites and/or restrictions

  • Restores are using your storage quota. Ensure that enough storage is available - e.g. restoring an old VM in an almost full storage will fail
  • Whilst a VM is stopped, no backups will be taken --> no timestamps/restoration points selectable
  • When Single File Restore is not active, only one restoration point for a certain date per VM available
  • Do not start more than 1 action within 5 Minutes!

Restore server snapshot DDC 1) Start the Restoration process by clicking on the Restore Server Snapshot icon (arrow to top). Restore server snapshot DDC 2) Select the VM you want to restore from the drop down list Restore server snapshot DDC 3 3) Choose whether you want to Restore VM, Restore Disk or Attach Disk Restore server snapshot DDC 4) Select the date of your snapshot you want to restore

5) Select the timestamp of your snapshot (if you only have snapshots enabled, it’s possible that you do not see any timestamps) Restore server snapshot ddc 6 6) If you selected Attach or Replace Disk in Step 3 and you have multiple disks attached to your VM, you have to select the Disk you want to be attached or replaced. Restore server snapshot ddc 7) Confirm the action and submit the order.

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